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UncategorizedMerek Davis

Collaboration has always been at the heart of Mextures. From sharing homemade textures to sharing formulas, our hope is to be focused in many ways on giving and growing. In keeping with that spirit, we have adopted and revived what has been deemed the Mextures Collective. IMG_3796


The Mextures Collective (@mexturescollective on Instagram) is a nonexclusive group of creatives focused not just on collaborating, but also on building off of each other’s editing styles and experiments. By sharing edits, formulas and processes, the Mextures Collective hopes to encourage growth within every facet of the editing process.



On the 1st and 15th of each month the Mextures Collective features a new artist and photo at www.mexturescollective.com. Anyone and everyone can visit the website, download the picture, edit it and post it to Instagram. All that is required is that the photographer be credited and Mextures be used at some point in the editing process. Sharing your formula code is also strongly encouraged so that others can learn and grow through your techniques.



Our hope is that as the Mextures Collective community continues to grow numerically, each of us will learn and grow in our craft. Testing new approaches to an edit, using new overlays, applying new blend modes, or simply shifting to a new orientation - one or all of these could change your entire editing style or help you tweak what’s already great.

We’d love to learn from you. Join the fun!